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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

School trips ( Hafeet tombs) AAESS

This is another school trip for the Al Ain english speaking school , we took the students to the Hafeet Tombs , from the students and the teachers part , the students were very happy to see the tombs and to know about it , lol..some of the students thought it used to be vikings there.

every teacher took his class for a different areas around it , some drawings , writing and other things were just so great. i wish if i can be a teacher for those great



manal . J said...

Hay ....

أكيد الرحلة كانت حلوة مع الأطفال بس أكيد معنا كانت أحلى صح ؟؟

بدي جوابك بصراحة؟

Someone in Al Ain said...

manal. J : sorry for the late reply.

امممممممممممممم , الرحلة كانت بتجنن معاهم وكانت حلوة معاكم كمان , طبعا كل رحلة بتختلف عن التانية .

كل وحده الها حلاوتها الخاصة. :)

manal . J said...

طبعا كل رحلة إبتختلف عن التانية مين حكى غير هالكلام

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