all these pictures present the Al Ain city in United Arab Emirates & Burimi city in Oman


Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Fire on UAE Academy ( in al ain )

Most of us know about the UAE Academy in al ain , its still new didn't complete the first year yet , but sadly an accident happen there and made a fire on it , hopefully no one get hurt as it was almost no body on that time , around 6.00 PM)

As what i understand form some people there , it was a problem in electric things , The damages are chairs , boxes , Air Conditioners , and a very valuable computer data , ( where they save all the data on it ).

I took some pictures with my phone , as my camera in the shop for fixing!

Friday, 27 July 2007

Pictures for Sharjah (To Hafsah)


one day i went to Sharjah , I took some pictures up from some towers trying to have a general view of sharjah and Khaled Lake , I took these pictures for Hafsah ( Fatat Iraq).

I went up to tower which was 25 floors , i went to the roof and ;)

I hope you will like them.

This is the resort near from khaled Lake

This is in mega mall , the entrance for the mosque there , ( where people go and pray )

Driving trip through safwan , etc etc

These are few pictures during our Driving trip , to safwan ..etc
Yes its US!!

This is the sand degree at 10.30 am

Old mosque

Wednesday, 25 July 2007


Afrathe trip

These are a couple of picture i took during our trip to Afrathe.

It was great and i was very amazed about the falaj system there ( a way of irrigation).

We had a wonderful time there. Thanks ( ENHG )

Dry dates ( they put it in the sun , tell it comes dry)..simple!!!

The old houses there
The falaj system

al noor bakery

These are a few pictures of al noor modern bakery , most of the bakery's here are 24 hour open . i like to go on that place , it really have a good manaqish there , ok , manaqish is a kind of snack .

the fire house ( Beet el nar ) , this where the manaqish goes to heat it up and make ready

Prepare to make manaqish

I am sure its not look like an english bread

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

New parking for the mosque

This mosque located in al Basrah area , i like it in the day light , its a very wonderful mosque..
Here as what you see , they are making new parking for the mosque.

enjoy ..

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Insects light trapping


I've been taking so many pictures for insects in general for the past two years..but these are the most closest and finest pictures I've ever got.

To be honest , i dont know the scientific name yet , but soon i will get them.and for sure i will write them. , even though if you know what are they , please feel free to tell me.

usually the emirates natural history group make a light trapping day ..( A day where we go to see what kind of insects are in al ain or Oman , and making some me it's really interesting..)

hope you will like them.
This insect after a while will be a dragonfly

I still dont know the name yet, but its one of the insects that i really like

Another picture of it from the top

Dragonfly from the top , this is my favourite too , specially this colour

The eye of the dragonfly

A jewelry Beetle

Jewlry beetle

Dragonfly standing

A baby dragonfly , just born and it right wing stuck so that it couldnt fly