all these pictures present the Al Ain city in United Arab Emirates & Burimi city in Oman


Friday, 14 December 2007

Clean up The UAE (Al Ain ) 12/12/2007

12/12 of each year , became a remembrance for UAE. , even it's one of those big days you might think to put in your calender too!
as usual , more than 500 students , labours and volunteering participate in the cleaning day.
thanks to the HCT , UAEU , ENHG , Global English School , ADU , AUU , EAD , the municipality , special need and lots of other's ..( thank you very much)
This year we took a place in al masoudi , where most the guys like to hang out at night.
It's a lovely enjoyable place for them , as most of them like to be in the desert between the dunes , with a little fire beside them , and a lovely snacks between their hands ..but oooops , they forget to pick up their !!!!! , ( yes i agree with YOU readers)
It was a great day , we had lots of schools and organizations whom they were very helpful and kindness to help us and give us a hand as usual.
now for me , this event is not only about cleaning , it's about showing them to appreciate the cleaning , and appreciate protecting these areas from dirt . , even not to keep it clean for us only.

There are lots of animals lives there and by throwing garbage or over speeding from cars , might cause damage for the plantation and the population of animals.
so it's good for them to know that....

oh well..will leave the pictures to continue the article.


Just about to start

No worries , we are already ready!

Global English School did a great job

Well done girls!!

Doesn't matter ,We will clean

Yes , that's me!

sorry cant leave the phone!

Hey , who says it's only for adults!

oh poor car

We made it we made it..weeeeee

So energy..

Beetle , ( the most largest Beetle in UAE)

The most largest Beetle in the UAE

ummm..a lizard


2laa.s said...

waaaw really waw i don't know what to say... god bless them.. and those children they are soo cute.

Someone in Al Ain said...

2laa.s : sorry for the late reply.

the children just amaaazing.

gambling online said...

that's really cute..wish i had one too.