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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Photographer who clicked with Al Ain wants to pay city back

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DUBAI // An award-winning photographer inspired by his home town of Al Ain is paying homage to the Garden City with an exhibition of 40 images to mark National Day.
Amro Abu Kuhail, an Al Ain-born Jordanian, has taken more than 10,000 photographs since seriously taking up the pursuit six years ago.
To mark National Day, he will showcase 40 images of the Garden City in the Al Ain Heritage and Culture photography exhibition at Jimi Mall.
"Being an expat here my whole life made me think I should do something to show my appreciation for the only city that I have ever known," said Mr Kuhail, 25.
"To me, everybody really has something to celebrate. I feel very honoured and excited about witnessing the UAE National Day: 40 years of development, 40 years of improvements, and 40 years of uniqueness."
Talal Jodah, one of the oldest photographers in Al Ain, is to be thanked for kicking Mr Kuhail's photography into high gear six years ago. The veteran photographer gives free lessons to the public at his studio, Kawkab Al Sharq, which he opened in 1970.
Mr Kuhail said meeting Mr Jodah changed his life "180 degrees".
"When I first taught him he was a beginner, but he had passion," said Mr Jodah. "Anyone can take a picture, but it's only a photographic eye that can take a shot of a story. Amro has great shots with content."
Around the same time, Mr Kuhail joined the Al Ain Chapter of the Emirates Natural History group so he could see and experience more of his home.
"I was amazed by the history and culture of Al Ain.
"My photographs specialise in anything related to Al Ain - from its wildlife to its attractions, history and culture."
Brigitte Howarth, the chairman of Al Ain Emirates Natural History Group and assistant professor at the Department of Natural Science and Public Health in Dubai, described Mr Kuhail's work as moving.
"Amro is quite artistic," she said. "He does not just capture animals, planets or wildlife; he captures an aspect of their life that people would otherwise not know about. His pictures have moved a lot of people."
His work has already won him seven awards and is entered in two continuing contests: Al Ain Photographia Award and Emirates International Date Palm Festival Photo Contest.
"It's really sad to see all the development going on in Al Ain, and yet you can't see any pictures or books about Al Ain," said Mr Kuhail.

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Monday, 14 November 2011

celebrating UAE national day

We are celebrating the UAE 40th National day, this is going to be a unique event for all over the emirates.

Every body is celebrating it his way and one of my ways was that i have raised the UAE flag in the highest spot in Al Ain city at the top of jabel Hafeet. as there is a campaign in twitter called : @fogbaitna3alm and a website called :

We should all celebrate the national day , nationals or expats  , my family here since 1968 , never been somewhere else. so it has obligated for us to share the happiness and appreciation of the great country that has been in the top world countries and breaking all the records.

My next project is going to be on the 20th Nov. till 5th Dec , i will be showing 40 pictures present al ain and will be selling each one for 40 dirhams.

For further information and details about the what's going on during the national day please visit :

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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Vote for Butinah Island in Al Ain Jimi mall

Voting for Butinah Island to be one of the new seven wonders of the world is something we all have to work and give all the efforts we can for listing butinah island.

A great supported motorcycle guys who are very patriotic about UAE and they found a unique nice way to support the voting for butinah island and introducing the island to Al Ain city by using their bikes and contribute flyers and showing how people can vote for the island.

They did a great job, and i really thank them very much.

Here a (few) pictures of the event and enjoy!!!