all these pictures present the Al Ain city in United Arab Emirates & Burimi city in Oman


Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Jazeera trip (2)

Jazeera , What a wonderful place to visit and to be. , Jazeera is one of the places i like to go everyday..even it's a place where you never get bored of it.
no matter what your interest is , you will always find it here.
if you are interested in any of these :
mountains , trees , plants , history , water , fish , insects , dragonfly, toads , lizards , oasis and lots of others , you will find it in this great place.
This time on our trip , we did make it different as usual .
We stopped on the little green door or (a small cave) and had a look at it from the inside. , there was lots of cloth , cans and other stuff.
but the exciting and interesting thing we did find something, it's something we believe might be as a good luck charm.and as what Brien mentioned (it looks like a handmade decoration . .. the hook at the bottom suggests it was attached in a hinge to something else. I suspect it was some sort of talisman . . . good luck charm.). , of course we didnt take it , as we always protecting and keeping those historical things in their places. , also it's a good way to encourage people from not picking these things and use them as a decoration in their houses.
Then we went down and had a look at the water where it was so clear and nice., after that we went through the oasis. , then Brien did show us the old graves over there.
Finally we had a little nice walk further Jazeera , in between the mountains.
to me it was a nice day. and i am sure it was for everybody as
Enjoy the pictures!
Omani Lizard

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

school trips (alain & jimi oasis)

Greetings ,
As some of you know that our ENHG do trips to schools around al ain .

Those are pictures of two trips we did in one of the schools in Jimi oasis and al ain oasis for grade 4,5 and 6.

It was a wonderful day , now i wish i can be a teachers , for those little angels.

I like it so much , specially the enthusiasm they have , and all the curiosity , its just so great.
even though , i wished i can be a student.
when i was at this age , i was in a government school , and all the thing i had is beating by a stick if i made mistake. , and nothing but memorising the information from the books.
all the students were very happy about all the things they saw , and were very excited about everything.
all of us had a wonderful time .

hiking to Jabel Qattara

These are a collection of my pictures during our hike to Jabel Qattara almost three weeks ago. , it was lots of fun and it was hard for me , the only mistake i did , is to carry a heavy heavy tripod with me . , smile.

but in all , it was great , we spent almost 8 hours .

Sunday, 25 November 2007

sunset in al ain

Two days ago , the sun looks so beautiful so i took this pictures of it.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Canadian universities

In corporation with the Canadian embassy and al dafrah Private school.
They presented as an open day for all the students , undergraduate or graduate students , even it was open for public as well.
30 Canadian universities did participate in this great event. , and it was a great opportunity fro everybody to meet them and to have almost all the information they want to study over there.

The first day held in Rotana hotel and the second day in Al dafrah private school.
for me and in my opinion , it was a wonderful idea from the embassy to bring these universities here. , i am really very thankful to them and thanks for every university did participate . , the were so kind with us , very helpful and so generous.
Special thanks to :
Mr.Daniel from the Embassy
Nipissing University
MAC Ewan University
Humber University
Memorial University
Canadian University of Dubai
Saint Mary University
And all the other universities who joined us in this great event
leave you with the pictures.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

The sixth cultural and scientific week in UAE university

It was a great event this morning to open the first day of the sixth week cultural and scientific week in UAE university .

A university from Bahrain , Saudi, Qatar, Oman and other GCC countries were there.

so , some of you might think what is going to happen at this week? , well, there will be lots of events , poem , presentations . and other activities as well

Any way , those are pictures of H.H sheikh Nehyan bin mobark AL Nahyan.

people from Qatar University