all these pictures present the Al Ain city in United Arab Emirates & Burimi city in Oman


Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Raining in Al Ain

These are a collection of my pictures when it was raining in al ain..
Actually its was good and it make the weather cools down..
I like that picture
Raining in Al Ain

Expressing their happiness!!

nothing but having fun!!


Poor one , stuck

Jazeera trip

This is a collection of my pictures through Jazeera trip..
Jazeera located in burimi near mahdah..
hope you like them..
the way to Jazeera

General view of Jazeera

Little pool

Wonderful place!


Banana leaf

Mini Banana!!

Little Guava

Waiting for work!!

The mosque

The lovely pools

Friday, 22 June 2007

Dragon Fly

It is a male Orthetrum sabina (Oasis skimmer) ... Males and females of this species look alike other than the number of appendages they have visible at the end of the tail. Males have 2, females have 3. (thanks to Bob Reimer for the information)

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Trip to Wadi Uboul

Uboul ..what a wonderful place to visit! word can describe the beauty in there..
Uboul located almost in Oman..a little farther mahdah..the Emirates Natural History Group made a trip to there..
I really enjoyed so much..
i will leave with the pictures..i hope you like them..
Nothing but great history..

just no more than WOW..
witness for life..
The little lovely fort..
General view of the Uboul oasis
The oasis waiting for us...

General View from the oasis in Uboul
Jar for putting a very nice and fresh water to drink..i like it so much

So delicious

This how some of the people climb the tree for getting mango's..i like that idea

Mango's everywhere ( yamy yamy)
Although its old , but lots of secrets inside it..


Gecko's Egg ( they always put them on the wall) , not on the ground

The Mosque from outside

Inside the might wonder what is written in there , on your write hand ( no god but god and ) , on your left hand (( some words from the Quran ( the islamic bible))) , (if you cant see god , he sees you) and arabic date ( the hijri date) it says that its being built from 42 ( i think) years ago..but we are almost sure its older than the middle ( this is called al mehrab , where the prayer stand and lead the pray)
General view of Uboul
A general view of the fort

Even its dark..but still lighting inside
Palm Trees

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Al Ain Souq ( souq el samak)

This is a collection of my pictures to the souq..

yes its an old one and carfour comes up..but its still the most active place where the life always great..

fresh fruit , fresh fish , fresh vegetables..every thing fresh and nice..

the souq located in front of the bus station..

hope you like them...

for more information please feel free to ask me..
life life life

Selling honey

selling henna

are you ready!!!

Friday, 15 June 2007

Collecting Cans

Day or night , hot or cold , these people work and work just to live and to have money for their families..

they collect the cans from the rubbish bans, on the ground wherever they found it..
the sell it by Kilo in senaya (the industrial area)
for one kilo = 5 dirhams to 7 dirhams
and the kilo is around 100 bottle of cans..
usually they collect between 100 to 200 every day..
its not a very good money..but with that money they can have dinner or lunch!!
for more information feel free to ask me..

Monday, 11 June 2007