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Thursday, 20 December 2007

Eid Prayer

Happy Eid to all of you.

Most of you know , that muslim people has special prayers in the Two Eid's , i just wanted to show you how it looks like when they have the pray.

First people can park anywhere. , even if the will close the whole roundabout , its just fine.

Then , some of the people prefer to walk from their houses to the mosque , and the mosque is not like any normal mosque , they are only built for doing the eid's prayer.

People prey every where near from the mosque , as some times the mosque almost full .

Usually before they pray , they do something called (al takabeer)..where they say all the time, allah akbar , allah akbar .( it means god is the greatest , god the greatest) , i think the keep saying it till it's time to pray. , then they pray , and after that , the share their greetings!.

A little thing that i didint say , which that, there will be some women ( poor women) who asks for money , ( i dont the english word of it) , now some of them are saying the truth some of them are not . , and most of the time are not. , but people are giving money any way and they leave it to god. as he knows.

hope this was a little helpful.

enjoy your holiday.


Robin said...


You have a wonderful ability to highlight what others of us only see. That is, you make simple things more interesting and stand out.

You could have a great career in photo journalism.

The words you are looking for for "poor woman asking for money" are "begging", which is what she was doing and beggar, which ia the name of a person who "begs".

Eid Mubarak. May all good things come to you.


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