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Sunday, 23 December 2007

Abu Dhabi police golden jubilee (1957-2007)

Greetings ,

some of you might notice that it has a been a celebration and little exhibition in al ain mall regarding the police golden jubilee.

it's really a nice thing from them to do it , and even it was very helpful for every body , no matter what your age is , you will have information that will make you be thinking more and more about the police job , and how they do it ..etc etc..

They do have lots of services these days , and even as what i understand from one of the people there, ( now they are using the gun that has been made by uae). so its good now that they are using something they made.

Of course they explained about it , and explained about the detector and how they work on the crime issues , (what how why) , they do.

Over all it was very kind of them , and people there were very helpful and kind too.

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