all these pictures present the Al Ain city in United Arab Emirates & Burimi city in Oman


Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Portraits in Al Ain (UAE)

Greetings all..

This is the first time for me to take UAE portraits pictures..and ummm sounds very please with them , but this is not the point..

The point is ..i always draw a smile with lots of question mark on my head , when i look at old people.

I dont know ,but if you really do look on the details of their faces ..they really SPEAK!!!!

how they lived , what issues they faced , behind this life face , what memories they had , what did they left their life is used to and when and what and whom ....etc etc..

maybe i am over in my thinking or maybe because i look in to too many details ..but i really appreciate the life and make me wish to live more and more just to see what my details on my face may present ..or at least i might answer all the above questions :-)

Hope you like these pictures will be pictures of old women here in UAE

Those people someday will be the same as the above!

Monday, 27 October 2008

Dragonfly and it's eyes

All insects have two large compound eyes on the sides of their heads, and three simple lens eyes or ocelli in the centre. There are two small lateral ocelli and a larger middle one called the median ocellus. In the dragonfly, the median ocellus is curved.

“Ocelli are generally thought to have poor resolution,” says Josh van Kleef, a PhD student at RSBS who is leading the research on dragonfly vision. “The general belief has been that they’re there to measure general light levels which can be used to stabilise their flight. The idea is that if they detect that light levels are falling they’re heading down, and if the levels are rising they’re heading up. This information is then used to guide their movement.”However, Mr van Kleef’s research is revealing that a dragonfly’s middle eye does a lot more than simply pick up on general light levels.

“The median ocellus is a simple lens containing about 1500 photoreceptors,” he explains. “These photoreceptors are connected to 11 large neurons (nerve cells) which go from the retina all the way down the neck of the dragonfly to the insect’s motor centres. It’s a very direct route from a visual response to a change in movement, and allows for a very rapid response to their environment.
Reefrences: , Bob Riemer for giving me the link.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Jahli Park


These are a few pictures from the Jahli Park in Al Ain city.

It's a nice place for those who loves walking , relaxing , reading a book , dating!!! and chill out with friends. with having the Jahli Fort infront of you and Jabel Hafit in the back :-)

Hope you like the pictures :-)

Its really funny when you see these little machines over there!!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Insects and Moth


These are a collection of insects , moth pictures during the night , as we were doing light trapping to know what kind of insects it might appear on one of the areas of Burimi (Oman).

I wasn't able to know all of them!!!

Please do help me identifying them


Ground mantis

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Al Ain souq (souq alsamak)


As we did a trip last Friday , you could see some of the changes that happens in souq in the past two years.

This is a general pictures form the souq or as its says sometimes souq al samak.

For example: the open area used to be full of peoples who are selling green vegtables..and the dry food used to be uncovered.

This is souq it could be more than 100 years which is a good thing that it's still exist in al ain.

Lots of people refused to move to the new one as its almost a bit expensive for paying for the rent , therefore some of the little shops over there ( the woman who are selling herbs and henna) are free without any payment.

There is also the fish market where our old member Phill iddson identified more than 100 kinds of them . , they come every day from Dubai , RAK , or fujirah at the early morning.

Yet we have now Jimi mall and al ain mall , but lots and lots for people still prefer to buy from there as they are fresh and the prices can be vary (negotiated).

More information you find it in and search for Phil Iddson or al ain souq.

Hope you like the pictures :)