all these pictures present the Al Ain city in United Arab Emirates & Burimi city in Oman


Saturday, 31 October 2009

Desert Lakes - UAE Al Ain


This is one of our trips for this weekend. , we went to a place here in Al Ain which is common for some birds to be seen over there, The place does not have a name yet it is temporary but we called it the Treatment Plant Lake.

Lots of water on the desert and making the view is so wonderful , specially with the sand dunes , Jabel Hafit in the back and the plantation.

we went there to see a kind of birds which they is thousands of them , just coming for drinking water, I was hoping to see some big birds like Heron etc etc ..but the dont come over there as there is no fish on the water like Zakher pool.

Thanks for those who helped me in the information and thanks for the ENHG for taking us to this place.

Enjoy the pictures :)
damsilfly (Ischnura senegalensis)

A huge numbers of chestnut-bellied sandgrouse birds

Me behind the lake and the dunes :)

A dragonfly

Flies mating!

at the end ..taking our way back and ended a great place to visit


Maddy said...

Would you mind tell us the route from jebal Hafeet to reach this place? Do you need a 4WD??

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures Amer, You capture the place really well. Keep taking more of those pics!!

Unknown said...

Hi Amer, wonderful pix The Water Treatment Lake area has never looked so beautiful.

JTG (Misalyn) said...

Great shots!

Never been there...the place looks so lovely.

Thanks for sharing your photos.

rhubarb said...

Dear Amer, you are a true artist. These photos are stunning! They give a fresh perspective on desert that we so often dismiss as we travel past it. Would love an opportunity to take my sketching/painting group here. Can you please give me directions to reach it?

Best wishes,
Marion Davidson

Stuart Perry said...

wonderful place, where abouts is it, I live in Al Ain but have never seen this place....
photo#4 is superb.

Al-ain Rose said...

How come I haven't ever seen those lakes in Al ain or at least heard of them!!!!
May I know where they're located, exactly?
woundeful scenes in my beloved city @_@


Nada Mahmood said...

its very very nice place i wish i was with you. there is amaizing photos which is a fly fighting really that place is more than beutiful. Thanks for photos

Anonymous said...

Woah! Very nice pics. Too bad I don't like al ain. Can I pretend it's abu dhabi?

- ABIT via iPhone

Anonymous said...

Nice post. My fav #3.

Someone in Al Ain said...

Thank you guys for the comments's really a very nice place and yes it is not a pure of ground water ..but the view is just wonderful.. the place is located beside Jabal Hafit.

Ummm i am really not sure how to give directions ..but i will try to do my best .

sorry for the late reply..

as i always said ..your comments much appreciated and they are really my improvement for my photography :)

ABIT : Al Ain is a city which i can call place from heaven :) ..try to be here and then i am sure you will like it more than AD , give me a call or meet me and you will be amazaed about the great places over here.

yes i do like Abu Dhabi ..but every place has it's own taste.

in UAE ..Ad and Al Ain are the best for me :)

Someone in Al Ain said...

Al Ain will do that :) but lets keep it between me and you :)

Jack and Brenda said...

These are excellet photos of a surprising location. I never would of thought there would be such nice color in the desert.

Unknown said...

Beautiful!! I miss friday adventures with you sir!

Prasanth Iranikulam said...

hi, nice pic. can you just mark the area in and post the link? it will be helpful

Someone in Al Ain said...

thanks for your comments guys ..

i will try to post it in the link.

thank you Sir! hope you are ok in the US

thanks jack ain is very beautiful but we need time to look for thee places.

MaNaL . J said...

Hi Amr

3njd el sowr rw3a

rbe y3tek alf 3afya

Marilyn said...

Thanks Amer for yet again, some amazing pictures depicting the beauty of the desert and AL AIN.
Unfortunately I was not able to visit the area on that day but perhaps in the future.....

rosh said...

Beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

mashallah its soo pretty. i've seen pictures but i never see sumthing like this before. its real but look like artificial in da same time. the combination is really awesome. well i dnt really know much about great pictures, but ur pictures really blown me away