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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Breast Cancer event ( Al towaya Park , Al Ain City)

Greetings.. (Quoted from the national newspaper)

With one week remaining in Breast Cancer Awareness month, events were held across the country yesterday to highlight the need for early detection. Hundreds of people wearing pink T-shirts and ribbons turned out at Al Tuwaya Public Park in Al Ain for a run/walk organised by the Sports and Cultural Club as part of a campaign by Tawam Hospital and John Hopkins Medicine.
Among those taking part were women who had suffered breast cancer and their relatives, including husbands, sisters, daughters and sons. Afterwards, participants were asked to write their thoughts and comments on a giant ribbon.
Breast cancer is the second most deadly cancer in the UAE, after lung cancer, and the most common in women. It accounts for 28 % of all female deaths. 44 % of cases are fatal, according to Health Authority Abu Dhabi. Many women are diagnosed only in the late stages of the disease.

This is one of the activity for letting the children enjoying drawings :)

Just about to start ( Run for breast cancer which attract too many people from different ages)

no ( i am sure you noticed what i noticed)

Fireworks made the event so wonderful for everybody

Arabic coffee with little fire ( all what i needed for relaxing)

This is Abdullah and ME

Isnt it a very nice face :)

Over here where they let everybody to write anything ..for me this was very excited , just seeing what may people write and going on on their mind.


Anonymous said...

almost all pics are soooooooooo nice and i feel like i was there in every moment because i was in marathon so i lost some part of that day .
i hope to see more pics.
see you.

Al-ain Rose said...

the fireworks was wow, I saw them, I live near the park.

Misalyn said...

I missed the event, I was on duty.

Most of the nursing units in Tawam was decorated with pink on that day.Some nurses join the marathon too.

Thanks for sharing the pics.

Someone in Al Ain said...

thank you guys.. it was a great fun over there .., the most wonderfull thing is for the children which they enjoyed the event more than anybody :)

MaNaL . J said...

3njd Waw ya 3mr 3la hl sowr

it's very nice & beautiful

thaks for u a lot

bathmate said...

very nice picture.
i like it.