all these pictures present the Al Ain city in United Arab Emirates & Burimi city in Oman


Sunday, 7 September 2008

Khudrah trip


these are couple of pictures form our trip to Khudrah ..which was a great trip.,it was raining on our way to khudrah , and the weather was a bit humid after that.

we had a nice couple of new zealanders and some of them came to al ain and had to leave in the same day , a one day trip to al ain !! :)

now on our trip we've seen our regular donkey and i love donkeys so very much..even i have a donkey toy at my car. , to ME they are adorable!!
here when it comes to rain it rains about 5 or 10 minutes some even are less ..but to US here in UAE is too much!! every body get excited and wonder where the rain is ..some do play with it do just so happy to look at it ..(i am one of them!). ,some guys start rock and roll with there cars over the rain...and every body seems to have a wonderful smile on the face.
and then i had a wired experience with one of the robber fly i saw , the robber fly was on the water and i thought it might need help , so i took it out ..but then it flew again and went to the water ..again i took it out ..and again it flew to the water's just i couldn't understand that kind of behavior. If it's lay eggs then it should be flying and dropping the eggs but this one no idea!then at the Begining of the khudrah oasis there is a sign said: (da' al makan ahsan memm ma kan), which mean "LEAVE THE PLACE BETTER THAN IT WAS"

after that we saw a couple of spiders where i was saying scorpions scorpions , ( my English just about to improve!) , one of the spiders had eggs at the back. Heaps of dragonflies over there too

Hope you like the pictures ;)


ssgmoore1369 said...

You do really excellent work. Really good imagery and thinking and a wonderful eye.

ssgmoore1369 said...

Very nice work.

val said...

Brilliant pictures, ...... great photography

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I hope to see more in the future.