all these pictures present the Al Ain city in United Arab Emirates & Burimi city in Oman


Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Introduce my self


I forgot to introduce my self after all this long time.

My name is Amer abu kuhail , i am almost 23 years old , studying finance and banking in my last semester. and isnahallah i am going to do masters on journalism.

I am originally from Palestine , but born and raised in United Arab Emirates (middle east, gulf region).

I start getting interested in photography 4 years ago when i joined the emirates natural history group which was a break through in my life. :)

I like taking pictures on insects , wildlife , nature , history and culture..people as well.

I have Nikon D80 , 18-55 lens and 70-300 Nikon lens , has a canon close up filter for my 70-300 lens , SB28 Nikon flash.

i really like taking very details pictures as i really like seeing things in detail.

I do have a website for sharing my pictures which is , the idea of the website is to share my pictures and let other people know how is it looks like here and what kind of animals we do have ..also this is a very special thanks for the emirates natural history group with all the support and all the kindness they have.

ummmmm...could not know what Else shall i say!!

here are a couple of pictures of me!!

when i am tired i sleep wherever i am !!


Abid said...

nice. puts a face to the words :)

Stained said...

you got a NIKON!!!!