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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Jazeera trip (2)

Jazeera , What a wonderful place to visit and to be. , Jazeera is one of the places i like to go everyday..even it's a place where you never get bored of it.
no matter what your interest is , you will always find it here.
if you are interested in any of these :
mountains , trees , plants , history , water , fish , insects , dragonfly, toads , lizards , oasis and lots of others , you will find it in this great place.
This time on our trip , we did make it different as usual .
We stopped on the little green door or (a small cave) and had a look at it from the inside. , there was lots of cloth , cans and other stuff.
but the exciting and interesting thing we did find something, it's something we believe might be as a good luck charm.and as what Brien mentioned (it looks like a handmade decoration . .. the hook at the bottom suggests it was attached in a hinge to something else. I suspect it was some sort of talisman . . . good luck charm.). , of course we didnt take it , as we always protecting and keeping those historical things in their places. , also it's a good way to encourage people from not picking these things and use them as a decoration in their houses.
Then we went down and had a look at the water where it was so clear and nice., after that we went through the oasis. , then Brien did show us the old graves over there.
Finally we had a little nice walk further Jazeera , in between the mountains.
to me it was a nice day. and i am sure it was for everybody as
Enjoy the pictures!
Omani Lizard


Carolyn said...

Great photos.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place, very peaceful.

What a beautiful dragonfly!

Jude said...

Hello amer, nice pictures and nice story.. hope those good luck charms brought you luck.

a s9600 user in dubai

Someone in Al Ain said...

Thank you Carolyn and sorry for the late reply.

thanks people , i am so happy that you like my pictures.

it's just helping me more and more in photography.


sweepstake lotto said...

Kawaii... <3