all these pictures present the Al Ain city in United Arab Emirates & Burimi city in Oman


Tuesday, 27 November 2007

hiking to Jabel Qattara

These are a collection of my pictures during our hike to Jabel Qattara almost three weeks ago. , it was lots of fun and it was hard for me , the only mistake i did , is to carry a heavy heavy tripod with me . , smile.

but in all , it was great , we spent almost 8 hours .


Helga said...

Thank you for sharing your brilliant photos with me and others that are too lazy to attempt a hike like that!!! Amer, your enthusiasm is so contagious. Keep up your good work. Hopefully I shall meet you one day to express my gratitude to you face to face. Take care and kind regards from your 'old fan' Helga Meyer (54yrs)

Anonymous said...


Your photography is going from strength to strength. You've obviously mastered your new camera. I'll send the photo of you to Tory and ask him if he remembers you from his trip to the beehive graves.

Much success.

Robin Henry

Anonymous said...

Some great close-ups - it maybe was worth taking the tripod. I have a very small tripod - about 10cm tall.
Thanks for posting these - when I hiked up it Peter, was too dark to take photos (in August, we had to hike in the evening), so it is great to see some more photos.


Seabee said...

That looks like a great place - I'm tempted to go.

Jin said...

Amer, your photography really is stunning. You seem to be able to capture just that little extra bit of something special :-)
I don't envy you the hike, but think taking your tripod was worth the effort!

Someone in Al Ain said...

Hegla : Thank you very much for kindly comment, so kind of you. smile

Thank you jin , seabee , robin and janette for you kindly comment.

lottery raffle said...

Thanks to the blog owner. What a blog! nice idea.

Arrowhead said...

Dear Amer
I like your enthusiasm and the work that you put in. Clearly you enjoy this very much. I live in Abu Dhabi. Al Ain is one of my favourite cities and I used to come there often for quadbiking. Of late, I have take an interest in hiking. Would appreciate your help and advice and if possible hike with you one day.

Keep up the energy. Like someone said, your energy is contagious.