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Monday, 12 November 2007

Canadian universities

In corporation with the Canadian embassy and al dafrah Private school.
They presented as an open day for all the students , undergraduate or graduate students , even it was open for public as well.
30 Canadian universities did participate in this great event. , and it was a great opportunity fro everybody to meet them and to have almost all the information they want to study over there.

The first day held in Rotana hotel and the second day in Al dafrah private school.
for me and in my opinion , it was a wonderful idea from the embassy to bring these universities here. , i am really very thankful to them and thanks for every university did participate . , the were so kind with us , very helpful and so generous.
Special thanks to :
Mr.Daniel from the Embassy
Nipissing University
MAC Ewan University
Humber University
Memorial University
Canadian University of Dubai
Saint Mary University
And all the other universities who joined us in this great event
leave you with the pictures.

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