all these pictures present the Al Ain city in United Arab Emirates & Burimi city in Oman


Saturday, 3 September 2011

Rains and storms of UAE


These some pictures related the recent storms and rain in Al Ain and Burimi

All these pictures were taken in : 
Jazeera , Al ilal , Mahdah , Khabeen , Nahel , Jimi , Al Ain City and Uboul

Hope you enjoy them

Note :These pictures related to


Anonymous said...

N!ce Shots Amer
We Were Waiting For Ur New Pics
keep it up ..

ex UAE inhabitant said...

Great photos. Wouldnt have expected such rain at this time of year.

Mongoose said...

Wow. Heavy rain sure does a number on sand. I hope the damages aren't too extensive.

Someone in Al Ain said...

Thanks for your comments , I am back to photography now :)

we had quit a good heavy rain , yes it was for a bout 15 minutes each day ( three days ) but it really helped a lot the plants .

Marie said...

I was in India at the time and did not have much rain at all, although it was monsoon season.

Gorgeous pics.