all these pictures present the Al Ain city in United Arab Emirates & Burimi city in Oman


Thursday, 28 April 2011

Al Ain Town from the Sky

This is my Unique gallery of the year so far .

I was very lucky to have the great chance for taking theses pictures on the Al Ain Town from the top , it was so surprsing to see the view from the top and seeing part of Al Ain Oasis and the old souq. not only that , the view of the streets is and remembering the old and only bridge we used to have and how it's look like now.

Enjoy the pictures.


Ms. M said...

beautiful photos..and nice shot.

Anonymous said...

Good work! Ive never heard abt this place b4 seems interesting =). I promised to comment and i did


Someone in Al Ain said...

Thank you guys for the comments ,

Thanks Aya but i was expecting an email from you :(

i would like to be in touch you .

akisdad said...

Hi Someone in Al Ain,

how did you take these photos?
from the top....means, did you fly?
I can't believe these are Al Ain?
Nice photos. M

akisdad said...

Hi Amer,

I haven't seen you quite a long time. Were you working as a photographer yesterday in the Al Ain Aet Centre?

Hani Hani

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone @, we wish [b]Ramadan Kareem[/b] :)
Which is the newest place to participate in Eid?