all these pictures present the Al Ain city in United Arab Emirates & Burimi city in Oman


Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Portraits in Al Ain (UAE)

Greetings all..

This is the first time for me to take UAE portraits pictures..and ummm sounds very please with them , but this is not the point..

The point is ..i always draw a smile with lots of question mark on my head , when i look at old people.

I dont know ,but if you really do look on the details of their faces ..they really SPEAK!!!!

how they lived , what issues they faced , behind this life face , what memories they had , what did they left their life is used to and when and what and whom ....etc etc..

maybe i am over in my thinking or maybe because i look in to too many details ..but i really appreciate the life and make me wish to live more and more just to see what my details on my face may present ..or at least i might answer all the above questions :-)

Hope you like these pictures will be pictures of old women here in UAE

Those people someday will be the same as the above!


Cheryl said...

These are very nice portraits. I have to admit I haven't taken many portraits since arriving to the UAE two months ago. I've been too nervous. I imagine you ask to take their pictures? Are people interested in being photographed? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful portraits. It seems you have captured their personality. They arfe very well done.


Anonymous said...

You have done a fabulous job on these portraits, Amer. They are technically well-done, but also convey much character of those you have photographed. Truly a pleasure to see. Laura

Michelle said...

The portraits are a marvel - as are the insect photographs from the camping trip.

Thanks again for a terrific tour of Al Ain - we hope to come back again!

Robin said...


These portraits are excellent and also the later ones you have posted with Emirati women. I had little luck getting Emirati women to allow me to photograph them, but being an aging Australian, I'm not surprised. (You have all the charm see).

Tory's birthday is tomorrow, but we are having a part at the town pool today with his friends from school.

Stay well Amer and keep up the photography and blogging. I always enjoy seeing and reading your posts.


Rusdi Abu Bakar said...

nice potrait you have here