all these pictures present the Al Ain city in United Arab Emirates & Burimi city in Oman


Sunday, 24 February 2008

Moon of this month

Greetings all..

These are a collection of my pictures of the moon this month..

I always excited to take photo of the moon , as i always hope to see it from another angle , and always thinking that it might appears some changes on it..

Even i always wonder if i was on the moon , how the earth will looks like!!.

Also , there is a story in the Quran ( the holy Quran for the Muslim people) says that , Mohammed (the prophet) when he went to see god from Palestine to mecka , that god cut the moon from the half of it so that Mohammed can get through it.., so i always wondered how this cut can been seen.

Even though most of us know about Briens great moon walks he do to us. , regarding that , i always thought that when we walk on the moon light at the mountains , that i will see people in black and white!!!

Enjoy the pictures..


c'est moi said...

That second shot looks like you are witnessing the effects of the lunar eclypse we saw in the western hemisphere. are you using a tripod?

Stained said...

nice pictures...I missed the lunar eclipse this time, camera was off for repairs... should try stars...with that 10x zoom you should get some decent shots...

I've got a few moon shots myself... heres a link..

Someone in Al Ain said...

hi cést moi , i am thinking that Yes i was witnessing , but i am not sure , usually i dont use tripod. ,

Stained: thanks stained , i will try to take a pictures of stars.

yor pictures look great..i like the first one..



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Alla hu akhbar!!!