all these pictures present the Al Ain city in United Arab Emirates & Burimi city in Oman


Monday, 14 November 2011

celebrating UAE national day

We are celebrating the UAE 40th National day, this is going to be a unique event for all over the emirates.

Every body is celebrating it his way and one of my ways was that i have raised the UAE flag in the highest spot in Al Ain city at the top of jabel Hafeet. as there is a campaign in twitter called : @fogbaitna3alm and a website called :

We should all celebrate the national day , nationals or expats  , my family here since 1968 , never been somewhere else. so it has obligated for us to share the happiness and appreciation of the great country that has been in the top world countries and breaking all the records.

My next project is going to be on the 20th Nov. till 5th Dec , i will be showing 40 pictures present al ain and will be selling each one for 40 dirhams.

For further information and details about the what's going on during the national day please visit :

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Nicole said...

Hi Amro,
It's Nicole from our trip to Hafit Tombs on Friday. I love the photo of the flag with the sun shining behind...beautiful.

Afnan Al-Khaldi said...

Now you should've gifted me the fist picture of this collection Amro;)
loved all the pictures... wish the best

Anonymous said...

I was wandering around the net to find if there any celebration in US and I found your website
great idea and huge effort .. best of luck and I am proud of you .. you are very young but you are doing a great job in this blog .. thanks UAE .. thanks my city Al Ain .. Thanks for everyone who made men like you who love and care about UAE ..

Hope :)