all these pictures present the Al Ain city in United Arab Emirates & Burimi city in Oman


Wednesday, 3 December 2008

camels again

Yet another camels pictures..

this time , the other kind of camels , the black ones, or the darken ones :)

and then a couple of shots from a domestic camel racing..

hope you like them :)


Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures.
The third one is my favorite.

Abid said...

Beautiful picture. What desert?

Anonymous said...

Did you take these photos ?
You are becoming an excellent photographer!!
I am counting the days until I arrive in Al Ain!!


The Jeweled Orchid said...

hahaha sooooooooooooo cute!! i <3 camels too i think they are adorable creatures with huge eyes!! and botox-filled lips hahaha

Someone in Al Ain said...

this desert in seh sabra , in al ain , it's a private desert :)