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Friday, 10 August 2007

Exclusive (Fire at industrial ares in Al ain ( senaiya) )

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I was on my way to take some pictures of insects , then i noticed a huge black smoke (cloud) from the industrial area , i went there quickly , (around 6 in the morning) , and one of the big shops there was on fire !! , I couldn't have any information about the fire and how it happens :( , Thank god no one get hurt

Its really weird , last week a fire happen on one of the factor's there , and two weeks ago a fire happen on the UAE academy!!!! ( no comments about that)

Please these pictures are only belong to ME ( Amer abu Kuhail) , Feel free to copy them WITH Writing the resource.


Humairah Irfan said...

how did u get on top of the roof???

Someone in Al Ain said...

lol , I went on some of the the other building beside the fire , and here you go..

Anonymous said...

Well done for getting these shots. Was this the fire caused by burning car tyres? I was out and about and saw the smoke on this day and later was told it was a huge pile of car tyres that had caught fire.

Anonymous said...

On 4th July 2008 the Saniya premises of African & Eastern, which sells alcohol, burnt down in mysterious circumstances. Some guys broke down the wall but didn't seem to steal anything, before setting the place on fire. Have you heard anything?