all these pictures present the Al Ain city in United Arab Emirates & Burimi city in Oman


Saturday, 7 July 2007

Insects light trapping


I've been taking so many pictures for insects in general for the past two years..but these are the most closest and finest pictures I've ever got.

To be honest , i dont know the scientific name yet , but soon i will get them.and for sure i will write them. , even though if you know what are they , please feel free to tell me.

usually the emirates natural history group make a light trapping day ..( A day where we go to see what kind of insects are in al ain or Oman , and making some me it's really interesting..)

hope you will like them.
This insect after a while will be a dragonfly

I still dont know the name yet, but its one of the insects that i really like

Another picture of it from the top

Dragonfly from the top , this is my favourite too , specially this colour

The eye of the dragonfly

A jewelry Beetle

Jewlry beetle

Dragonfly standing

A baby dragonfly , just born and it right wing stuck so that it couldnt fly



Dina said...

Oh wow! I admire you for holding these creatures. Nice shots.

Someone in Al Ain said...

thaaaaaaaaaank you happy to hear that

annulla said...

Great macro shots. That pinky-purple dragonfly is amazing. I've never seen one that color.