all these pictures present the Al Ain city in United Arab Emirates & Burimi city in Oman


Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Trip to Wadi Uboul

Uboul ..what a wonderful place to visit! word can describe the beauty in there..
Uboul located almost in Oman..a little farther mahdah..the Emirates Natural History Group made a trip to there..
I really enjoyed so much..
i will leave with the pictures..i hope you like them..
Nothing but great history..

just no more than WOW..
witness for life..
The little lovely fort..
General view of the Uboul oasis
The oasis waiting for us...

General View from the oasis in Uboul
Jar for putting a very nice and fresh water to drink..i like it so much

So delicious

This how some of the people climb the tree for getting mango's..i like that idea

Mango's everywhere ( yamy yamy)
Although its old , but lots of secrets inside it..


Gecko's Egg ( they always put them on the wall) , not on the ground

The Mosque from outside

Inside the might wonder what is written in there , on your write hand ( no god but god and ) , on your left hand (( some words from the Quran ( the islamic bible))) , (if you cant see god , he sees you) and arabic date ( the hijri date) it says that its being built from 42 ( i think) years ago..but we are almost sure its older than the middle ( this is called al mehrab , where the prayer stand and lead the pray)
General view of Uboul
A general view of the fort

Even its dark..but still lighting inside
Palm Trees


Alison said...

Your photos are fantastic Amer, I love the oasis and the history behind them. Never been to this one- glad to see that someone else is intrigued by the history of the buildings as i also feel that buildings are living and hold so many secrets. would be wonderful if walls could tell a tale. Love your black and white pic the most

Someone in Al Ain said...

thank you so much..

i am glad you liked my photos..

you know..its really a nice feel when we feel like..i wish these walls can tell anything..

Moksha Gren said...

Wow. These are wonderful pictures of an amazing place. Couldn't ask for more. Just wow

Gerald England said...

so that's what a mango tree looks like!

isabella said...

How are the gecko eggs attached to the wall?

annulla said...

These photos are wonderful. They really convey the feeling of antiquity and mystery.

Al Ain Taxi said...

Keep posting your wonderful photos, Amer. I've seen them in the Al Ain Times as well. You getting quite a reputation!

Someone in Al Ain said...

Moksha Gren : Thank you for your lovely comment

Gerald England : thanks for visiting my blog..yep thisi s how they look

isabella : thanks for visiting..Well the female put some Glue on the egg from outside then stick them on the wall..gecko's put the eggs on the wall , so that other animals cant eat them or attack them..

Annulla: thanks for your comment..glad you like them..

Al Ain Taxi : thanks you so much for your lovely comment..

Anonymous said...

Your photos are wonderful. This wadi looks very green and beautiful in these pictures. I didn't know about mango trees in UAE! Must be really nice to get away from city life once in a while and visit these places.

Someone in Al Ain said...

Thank you arabian