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Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Divorce for calling wife a mouse..

I was so happy and surprise at the same time of this issue which i saw in the Gulf news..

The UAE people didnt use to that..

I am really happy because the women here start to understand their rights..Keep

Dubai: A Dubai court granted a divorce to a 28-year-old Arab woman because she was offended when her husband said she looked like a mouse.
The court said comparing the wife to a mouse was an insult to a "mother, wife and a woman".
"The mouse is a disgusting animal. A woman should not be compared to it or any other animal," said the lawyer of the woman, a mother of three children.
The Dubai Sharia Court of First Instance had earlier turned down the wife's claim for divorce. She then appealed and was granted the divorce. The 37-year-old husband was also ordered to pay her a monthly maintenance.


~tanty~ said...

Good for her. I hope all women in the world especially in Arab countries will continue fighting for their rights!

Someone in Al Ain said...

I agree..

I wish every one to know that the women have their own rights as the men do..